Advancements In Industrial and Food Microbiology

Industrial and Food Microbiology deals with the production of microbial biomass or microbial products by a process called fermentation . During the growth of microbes, later on identified as yeasts, in the extracts of fruits/cereals there is evolution of CO2 gas which bubbles out of media thus giving the appearance of a boiling broth. It is the study of microorganism that inhabits, create and contaminate the food. It even deals with the study about the microorganisms that cause the spoilage of food and  Probiotics is one of the most important aspects of food science.

Industrial Microbiologists work on the utilization of microbes in the manufacturing of food and industrial products, such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, and chemical, and energy. microbiology which deals with screening, improvement , management, and exploitation of microorganisms for the production of various useful end products on a large scale.