Microbial Chemistry

Microbial Chemistry is the study of metabolism inside the microorganisms for its survival and products. Microorganisms has 4 growth stages such as lag phase, Growth phase, Stationary Phase and Death Phase. During the Growth phase microorganisms produce metabolites for its growth and reproduction but in stationary phase they produce metabolites for its survival and other secondary products like enzymes, proteins, peptides which has many benefits, i.e. In Industries these microorganisms are cultivated in larger quantity to get these secondary metabolites or by-products. So Microbial chemistry is the study to know depth of the microorganisms, Microbial Kinetics and their biochemistry. Microbes metabolize the substrate to obtain energy and nutrients, this study also includes their Microbial Proliferation and nurturing of a cellular steady state by up taking and usage of inorganic and organic compounds.