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Giulio Filippo Tarro

Giulio Filippo Tarro

World Academy Biomedical Technologies


Giulio Filippo Tarro, male, graduated summa cum laude from Medicine School of Naples University in 1962. Assistant to Medical Pathology at Naples University, 1963-1965, and Research Associate at Division of Virology and Cancer Research, Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1965-1968, he was assistant professor of Research Pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati 1968-1969, and professor of Oncological Virology at University of Naples 1972-1985. He worked for National Research Council, Rome, 1969-1972, and for National Cancer Institute, Frederick Center, Maryland, 1973. He became Division Chief of Virology 1973-2003, and then Department Chief of Diagnostic Laboratories, 2003-2006, D. Cotugno Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Naples; Emeritus, 2006 -. Dr Tarro's researches in Virology have been both basic and mission oriented. His basic researches have been concerned with antigens induced early during the replication cycle of human herpesviruses. Another study has involved the identification, isolation and characterization of specific virus-induced tumour antigens, which were the "finger-prints" left behind in human cancer. His mission-oriented research has dealt with many aspects of various infectious diseases including broncho-pneumonia, encephalitis, cholera, and the diseases caused by different viruses. Achievements include patents in field; discovery of RSV virus in infant deaths in Naples and of tumor liberated protein (TLP) as a tumor-associated antigen, 50 kilodalton, overexpressed in lung tumors and other epithelial adenocarcinomas. Scientific Coordinator extracorporeal hyperthermia in HCV patients, First Circle Medicine, Minneapolis., 2000-03. Since 2007 he is Chairman Committee on Biotechnologies and VirusSphere World Academy Biomedical Technologies (WABT), UNESCO, and Adjunct Professor Department Biology Temple University College of Science and Techology, Philadelphia, Dr. Tarro is on the editorial board of various medical journals and has been elected to membership and/or presidence of many academies and societies. He has also been the recipient of many awards and honors, among the most recent ones the Sbarro Health Research organization lifetime achievement award, 2010 Philadelphia, USA. Since 2015 he is Chairman Delegate WABT Committees and Commissions and Editor in Chief, Journal of Vaccine Research and Development, Singapore. Life President Foundation Teresa & Luigi de Beaumont Bonelli for Cancer Research.

Research Area

Virology and Cancer Research

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